Welcome to “Nicomedia Bi-Monthly Film Awards (NBMFA)”. We're a bi-monthly international film awards organization. We want the best worldwide filmmakers’ works.


We understand the difficulties independent filmmakers face to have a fully analyzed project. We accept films produced in all genres and treat all films equally. We know that completing a film requires a lot of hard work and effort and we want to crown your valuable effort. Therefore, each applicant receives a nominee laurel in NBMFA!


At the NBMFA which we organize every 2 months, the winners in each category will be selected among the nominee films each term. All the winners will be entitled to receive the winner laurel and certificate of achievement. We are publishing the results every 2 months and promoting intensively the winning films on our web site and social media platforms.

Each month our judges will select the people and projects that make the best impact on them as their go through every entry. Each and every Bi-Monthly Award Winner will receive our Official Certificate of Achievement(digital format) ready for printing and be intensively listed on our web site and promoted via our social networks


Every submission can submit to as many categories as fits the film to increase the chances of winning. Our film festival works constantly and evaluates all applied films.

*** 2022 Grand Prix Prize Categories ***
Grand Prix | Best Film of 2022 Overall Season
Grand Prix | Best Director of 2022 Overall Season
Grand Prix | Best Woman Director of 2022 Overall Season

Grand Prix | Best Actor of 2022 Overall Season

Grand Prix | Best Actress of 2022 Overall Season

*** September-October 2022 Period Prize Categories ***
Best Short Film
Best Director
Best Woman Director

Best Actor

Best Actress
Best Fiction
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Experimental
Best Micro Film
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Thriller
Best Horror
Best Crime
Best Sci-Fi
Best Inspirational
Best Mobile Film

Best Social Video
Best Music Video
Trophy Award