NBMFA is an film awards organization which is held as bi-monthly periods. Each applied film in each period is considered a nominee for its own category and each submitters automatically receives a "Nominee Laurel".

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At the NBMFA which we organize every 2 months, the winners in each category will be selected among the nominee films each term. All the winners will be entitled to receive the "Winner Laurel" and "Certificate of Achievement". We are publishing the results every 2 months and promoting intensively the winning films on our web site and social media platforms.

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All NBMFA bi-monthly winners may order this wonderful statuette for themselves and their team. The ordered statues are sent to the recipient address by cargo and securely packaged. Please note you will be responsible for all customs fees and duty taxes that your country charges. To inquire about these costs, please contact your local delivery service or customs department. P.S. any DISCOUNT CODES ARE NOT VALID for the purchase of trophies at “FilmFreeway”. DISCOUNTS CODES ARE VALID, ONLY, for submit films at the festival. If there is a trophy purchased at “Filmfreeway” with a discount code, that purchase will be CANCELLED. - Remember that payments are not refundable.

Please check our FilmFreeway page for "Trophy Awards" details .

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At the end of each year in NBMFA, we select the best of the year in the "Best Film", "Best Director" and "Best Woman Director" categories. All winners will receive a special "Winner Laurel" and "Certificate of Achievement". We announce the results at the beginning of each year and strongly promote the winning films on our website and social media platforms.

Please check our FilmFreeway page for "Grand Prix" details .

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